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mr.knox humidor
mr.knox cigarcase more >>>
wall desk
new clever home office furniture more >>>
mr.knox xl
99,9% safe more >>>
99,9% safe more >>>
blast cabinet
sandblasting exposes inner beauty more >>>
kit glues pieces of high quality wood together. more >>>

A treeshape floor-lamp made out of artificial leaves. more >>>
concrete brick for winestorage. more >>>
Time changes everything. more >>>
Only tie rips are used to construct this lounge chair. more >>>
CNC cut pieces of trespa, fixed together only with tie rips. more >>>
new storage! more >>>
wood can shrink and expand without cracking more >>>
Wood can expand and shrink without cracking. more >>>
Double-layered and colored felt sewed into a cylindrical lampshade. more >>>