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solid oak version

we all recognize them from childhood and hundred of movies: the archEtype sports lockers. 
a beautiful and quite clever design.  thin steelplate is bended and therefore becomes stronger.

on exactly the same way this wooden locker is constructed.
only 10 mm thick solid oakwood is enough to create a strong cabinet by sawing and glueing the material in a 45 degrees angle, as if it was bended.
all steel details are translated into wood as well, as the ventilation slots, the lockingsystem, hooks and of course...the lock itself.
locky's are beautiful and playful objects with a large recognizance yet they are operable pieces of furniture.
they are available in various woodtypes and compositions, from locky1 to locky 3 or even locky 4.
the standard version is assembled as a wardrobe but of course it can be supplied with boards as well.

materials: 10 mm oiled, solid oak wood
(different woodtypes possible)
size: (lxhxd) 63x180x30 cm

click here for locky 1 oak (1 door)
click here for locky 2 bamboo
click here for locky 2 mdf

locky 1, solid oakwood (1door): € 2499
locky 2, solid oakwood (2doors) € 3889

for the making of video click here! (11min)

for a the short version (only the lock) click here!

downlad high-res picture here