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this morning i collected some bamboo at the moso office in zwaag (north holland).
moso is an interesting company which produces all kind of high-end but ecological and environmentally friendly materials from bamboo!
i worked with bamboo before and i really love the material. 
its incredible tactile and strong.

moso sponsored my locky project with two beautiful boards of bamboo and some pieces 'solid' bamboo.
i will stat building the lockys in bamboo soon.

it is really an sympathetic company with an important message and very clever solutions!
here is a text from there website about bamboo:

The alternative The largest problem facing humanity at this moment is the planet wide decay of the environment. The large scale exploitation of our natural resources is a serious threat for life. One of these endangered resources is the wood which is stored in millions of trees, in the most precious regions of the world. However, there is one tree which has the potential to overcome this problem. It actually is not a ‘real tree’: it is a grass with wood characteristics. This woody grass is called BAMBOO. This particular kind of grass is the fastest growing plant on earth (up to 1 meter per day in tropical regions!). It can grow in almost any climate, but the ‘big bamboo’ is only found in (sub) tropical climates, where certain species can reach heights of 15 to 20 meters (with diameters of 35 cms)! The world’s largest bamboo reservoir is located in China. Here the ‘Phyllostachys pubescens’ is a bamboo species which has been used as a wood-alternative for centuries. It is grown in managed bamboo forests, where each year ± 30% of the forest is harvested without reducing the forest in size.

no more words needed....

thanks moso