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a few weeks ago there where many burglary's in our neighborhood. 
our direct neighbors have been a victim twice in a very short time.
unfortunately the criminals are quite clever. 

they push the strong black bars aside with a jack, this makes hardly noise. 
then they enter the building via the windows. 
these windows are not very difficult to open since people think they are secured by the bars. 

once they are inside they have all the time to open the door from the inside with a crowbar, which again...can be done without making too much noise.

then they leave with the stolen goods via the main door and are never seen again.

i know all this because i found the jack and crowbar and hammers etc. a few weeks ago outside our neighbors door.
probably they were somehow interrupted before entering the building.
you would think that they were deterred now....but no...they came back the next day and commited the burglary anyhow with new tools.

well thats why we decided to secure our workplace and we welded some strong pieces of solid metal between the existing bars so they cannot be pushed aside with a jack anymore.

we hope.....