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last friday , finally there was the opening of the 'cradle to cradle' cityhall in venlo.
until now i was not allowed to share images or videos about the items i have produced.
the projcet started already 6 month ago.
at last, here is some footage of the model and the opening by the major of venlo.

together with kim van bakel and lagotronics i realized a big and a small model of the city hall and also some signing.
the items were designed to inform young and old citizens of venlo about cradle to cradle in general and the choices which were made within the building proces of the cityhall.
kim and me are also seen in one of the documentarys about the buildingproces.
click here to see this short item.

furthermore, the city of venlo asked me to produce 300 give aways for the opening ceremony, so me and eric (my intern) played factory last few weeks....and believe me..300 times cutting, lasering, sanding, oiling etc makes you crazy after a while.
here a quick insight in the production proces, the lasering of the image and lext.

we produced a few more mr.knox last time.
quite a lot acctually and we sent them all over europe lately.
we got some pictures back from jack and jones denmark.
they are very happy with the blue mr.knox. the use it in a brandnew shopconcept in salzburg, austria to sell the newest denim. very cool!

we are busy preparing for the next fair. big art in amsterdam next month.
we will present a new cabinet: mr.knox xl.
something like in the picture but better!
it will be ready next week or so so stay tuned for all the updates.