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its container time again!
just arond the corner of my workshop there is a museum, 'de catharijne convent'.
every few weeks, just after a recent museumshow, there are big containers placed outside.
the museum throws away all the material the have used for the past presentation.
normally, you can find plywood, beans, acrylic glass, ropes, metal, lighting material, sometimes even beamers, coffeemachines....everything.
often the mateial is quite good and can be re-used, maybe not for furniture but at least for construction purpose.
i see this almost every 3 months and i always try to collect some usefull pieces for free.
i wonder why they work like this and i think it would be much better if they would re-use the material themself or at least sponsor it to art-schools or benefitial social projects.
i am quite sure a lot of peole would be glad to get their hands on this free material. i do!