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transportation of baars en bloemhoff table
delivering 3 tables for minibrew



i am working on the aniwalls again.
for a private customer i designed a evolved version of the eagle, free hanging with tail, so it is a becoming more of a object now.
i also loaned the gorilla to the best shop in utrecht, PUHA.
when i placed it there we made a short timelaps movie which i have uploaded now, click here to see it.

we delivered a lot of furniture lately like the table for baars and bloemhoff and three tables for minibrew, a young company which developes a home-beer-brew-system for the countertop!
at the moment the city is working just outside my studio so i cannot use the stairs.
we had to use a boat to get to the other side of the canal and use the stairs over there, quite cool.
i am also working on a few more mr.knox for clients and shows.
i just participated in an eastern show at 'co van de horst' in amersfoort.
wow, what a great and beautiful design shop, i am proud to be part of that.

yesterday i picked up the blast cabinet XL at the sandbalster.
it came out beautifully so i can finish it up now.
next week or so it will be ready for another delivery.
it is so big i have to transport it on the roof of my car.

well thats enough for now, back to work.