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hong kong

last week two mr.knox went on a trip to asia.
they will be sold at the famous design store k11 in hong kong.
its really great to think about them in a chinese house, making asian people happy!

thanks to my agents from tuttobene sales agency i sold quite some knockylocks last week.
at the moment they are sold out so i started the production again.
unfortunately i run out of 'pikewood' (whis is actually called 'pearlwood' i know now) but instead of that i will produce them in wenge and maple this time.
so you can buy them now also at puha, strand west, workshop of wonders and klare lijn.

because of all these sales i also run out of packing material so i ordered some.
somehow i clicked the wrong button so i ordered a little too much...if you need some please let me know and we can make a deal.

i also had a liitle side project for frisse blikken again.
large wooden characters and a big sieper.....eh....supermanlogo!

big fun!