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ingrid of hooi asked me to design and produce a new sign for her coffeeshop.

a few years ago i designed and produced the interior for this lunchroom.
when she asked me to think about the sign, i immediately had to think of the little beautiful logo 'piece of bread' which i used to brand on her wooden plates.  (the logo is a design of a friend of ingrid)
ingrid had just the same idea so the designpart was not so difficult.
i decided to use the kitt-procedure to make the sign because it will be outside in winter and summer.
the kitt is developed for outdoor use so it will be resistant to the weather and also will help to keep the wooden sign together since it is also a fabolous glue.
it would have been much quicker to use a cnc-machine but in the end it was quite doable using the router with bare hands.
actually it made the sign more friendly because its little imperfections.
i hope it stops raining soon because i would like to place it before the weekend.....