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update 1
update 1
update 1

kitt table


its the second week i work on the kitt table for the usa.
after sawing and scuffing and glueing the next steps are cutting kit and then sanding, sanding, sanding, sanding, and then sanding.
between it all i repair little airholes in the kitt and then i will start oiling the top for the first time.
i still have not decided which colour i will make the bottom.
often i use bright colors for the bottom as a surprise.....we'll see.
this week i will order the frame so hopefully next week i can join the two to finish it.
i'll keep you updated here and on my facebookpage so come back later.....
update 1
i oiled the tabletop and painted the back of it orange, i love to give te bottom a surprising color.
i also ordered the stainless steel frame and i will pick it up soon to finish the table.