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sometimes its is better to act than to wait.

in this case, we had a leak in our studioroof for nearly two years now.
and it was getting worse every season.
our letter was not able to detect the problem and avoid further leaking. 
even a specialized company could not find the cure.......in the meantime we had to empty buckets all the time.
i found this onacceptable and jeroen an i decided to explore the depth of utrecht ourselves.
and belive it or not...we truly believe that we di find the problem and we solved it for good.
we did that by putting new layers of liquid and solid tar on the ancient construction, and by extanding an existing drainagepipeline and introducing a new drain for rainwater on streetlevel!
so from now on you can hire me not only for furniture and interior projects, but also for all your leaking problems...
well....almost all of your leaking problems...