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models and more


the last few weeks were quite busy so i could not find time to update my picture of the week category regulary.
so now i'll try to give a little update of the last projects and a little prospect for the next few weeks.

first of all there were several eagles.
for private clients i produced new, improved eagles and even one with a tail as a side project.
normally i do not produce 'objects', i always try to give meaning in use to my work, but for this special customer i made an exception.
there are still more aniwalls coming soon! 
today a customer called and asked for a horse! good idea isn' it?

a few days ago i finished the blast furniture i was working on and i also started a new blast object for another customer.
it's funny, sometimes i do not work with this technique for a long time and then, suddenly out of the blue, poeple are ordering this furniture again, very nice though!

last week i produced 4 models of energyplants for eneco.
making them felt like playing with playmobil and i loved doing it because i also learned a lot about polystyreen-foam and plot-folis again! i will deliver them next week for an event where the directors of these existing energy-factorys will meet each other.

next week i will also start produce a mr.knox oak, limited edition for a private client in dubai.
the most interesting thing about it is that they ordered it in a bright turquise colour.
to produce thes kind of colours i had to buy a paintpistol.
i did some testing and exercising the last few weeks and i will soon paint furniture within this technique for the first time.
i realy love to increase the possibilities of my workshop and also my own abilities.
i even think it is necessary to keep my work and workshop interesting and up to date.

then later in may i wiill start working on the last project before the summer holidays.
i will produce parts of the interior for the new cityhall of the city of venlo (NL)
as we speak they are building a new complex in venlo and it is completely designed within the 'cradle to cradle' philosophy.
i will use a lot of accoya wood and rheinzink to realize all required objects.

but soon more about this new project when i really got started.....

see ya.