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wow....its been a while again.
not that nothing has happened.....the opposit is the case, too busy.
i find it hard to weekly or even monthly update this potw area but i guess thats just the way it goes.

anyway here a few updates from the last few weeks and months:

the first pictures are of an interesting  project i did for a private client in zeist.
i designed the 'snake cabinet' in which i have putted all the wishes and desires of the client.
it became a big snake-like object which is a cabinet, officedesk, commode, bench, doorway and even is playful for the kids. 
the tetris like door completes the project. nice result. good quality pictures will be taken in may after the paintjob is tcompletely finished.

inbetween the woodworking i experimented a bit with casting metal. a client asked me to produce a sculpture for a friend. i designed and casted the metal dancer on few books. very nice to do.

just two weeks later the ubf (utrechts bierfestival) asked me to make another sculpture for the upcoming local beerfestival in utrecht.
this object serves a s a trpohy for the best local beer and is called, the tomas schroen trophy. it is named after my good friend tomas who died of cancer last year.

i also started two blast projects which will be realized in the next few weeks. a big kitchen in utrecht and two big cabinets in amsterdam. i just picked up 18! sandblasted boards to produce all the doors and panels.

i had a few nice press items last weeks.
click here for the publication in vt wonen, here for publication in couch,  and here for an interview with baars en bloemhoff.

in june i will produce my housewall design again, this time for ROC midden nederland!

enjoy spring, see you soon.
x stephan