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i finished the midwives project more >>>
update of midwives project more >>>
still making the interior of midwifes office amsterdam. more >>>
midwives office project is getting shape more >>>
starting new project more >>>
only few days to go... more >>>
welding, i love it.. more >>>
trunk cabinet more >>>
repainting the blast buffet more >>>
work in progress. blast bench. more >>>
starting new project more >>>
autumn has just started more >>>
i just delivered an airtable. more >>>
making tools more >>>
this week:buiding a guitar more >>>
fixing prototype blast buffet more >>>
we have a new sunflower. more >>>
after month of absence it is back. our sign. more >>>
producing the airtable more >>>
goodbye intern jasmina more >>>
still making the mini kitchen more >>>
we cleaned the workshop. more >>>


picture of the week

pictures out of the studio