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1:1 model to check measurments
presentation slide from 2005



i just started a new project and there is something very special about it.

in 2005 i graduated with 3 projects and now one of them is having a revival.
back then i designed a archetype concrete shelter/house for highwayparkings.

a few weeks ago a client came to me with a need for indoor, mobile, shelter places for meetings.
i had to think of my graduation project immediately.
after adjusting the material and some other details, i proposed the project and the client said yes!

for the graduation presentation i only made scale models and some animations but now i have the oppurtunity to finaly realize this prjoject.

first of all i had to build a part of a 1:1 model to check the measurments and its sit-quality.
now i will soon start produce the real ones.

I love it!