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just before the holiday season starts i started a new project.
a client hired me to a restyle an existing coffebar in alkmaar.

almost everything (except the coffemachine) will be replaced by new items or covered by a completely new skin.
the design is finished and there will be a lot of nice features in it.

my holiday starts next week and i will bike through europe again for almost 4 weeks.
when i come back there is only little time to finish the project.

last year i did a sewing course and now i already started producing some cushions, made out of old coffebags.
also my old workbenches will get an new life in the new interior.

i cant wait to put everything in place and start building on the site.....but unfortunately i have holidays frst...;)

so see you all in a few weeks and dont worry if i do not pick up the phone or answer my email immediately. 

have a nice summer,  greetings stephan