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these are the last 4 weeks before my holidays.
i will now try to finish all projects and to produce all sold items.
the last two years and the last few month in particular have been so incredible busy.
i sometimes have to say no to projects nowadays, otherwise my collectionwork will suffer too much because of the lack of time.
i am working in the creative field so i need some 'freetime' to be creative and work on new ideas.
perhaps i will start 'planning more creative time, every month one week of play-time would be great.
but for now i first have to finish the venlo-project.
unfortunately i am not allowed to show everything yet.
there will be an official opening in october and the city of venlo wants to reveal parts of this project then.
so you have to be a little more patient and have to deal with only few detail pictures.
i also sold a few mr.knox again.
the shops are selling them quite regular and also private clients come to me personally with special wishes.
it couldn't be better actually.
one of the next knoxes will be for a whisky collector and i will make a custom-made inside for them inclusive led lighting!
lately i changed a few details of this cabinet.
most important, i made the door a little lighter and i added the possibilities to adjust the friction of the opening wheel.
another plus is that now i can remove the wheel more easily for transportation if necessary.
it really is great to have the possibilities to improve a product to the max, because i have to build it so regularly.

by the way, at the moment there is a exposition of tuttobene's collection (so inclusive mr.knox) at strandwest in utrecht.
and there are two new press items!
click here and here to see them.

enjoy the first summer weeks, i'll join later....