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when i was a kid i once found 100 deutsche mark. 
just on the ground in the woods, between some garbage. 

since i can remember i always look around me for things to find what others do not see or what people throw away.

it is in my blood, cant change it.
last weekend i was biking through my neighbouhood and i saw a nice coffemachine, again between some garbage, on a waste container and of course i took it with me. 
most of the time peolpe throw away things when they are broken because they cannot fix things.
i can, so i took it home, cleaned it, put some glue on a potmeter...et voila.....i have a very nice, working, quite expensive coffeemachine.
only one thing left to do....
i did not have a tamper yet....
so thats what i did today!
making my own tamper. (click for video)
i like it!