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for a new inetrior project for frisse blikken i ordered 4 pvc tubes of 40 cm x 5 meters long and i had no idea that pvc could be that heavy!
this mornig at 8 o'clock my phone rang while i was still in bed.
"the 'delivery' was almost there" the man said.
the only problem was that the enormous truck could not reach my workshop.
i had to jump from bed into my van and drive though the traffic jam to unload the tubes and pack them on the van's roof.
then drive them the last 200 meters to my workshop and unload them again into my workshop.
now i only had to cut the tubes into 42 equal pieces of 390 mm.
it took me all day to make nice parallel cuts....but finally i managed!
what a day....now back to the preperations for object which starts next week.
can you see the newest item on one of the pictures?
more info soon.