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office furniture

a few month ago a private client came to my studio and asked me to design and produce a officetable.
there was one important condition; the office itself had a bit of a curved wall and some quite strange angles.
when i visited the place i also noticed that the client had a very old and a bit messy cabinet in the same room.
after a short conservation it became clear that it would be best to work on both items to solve all issues at once.
the table was designed first to fit exactly in the desired place and then the table stood as an startingpoint for the cabinet.
all horizontal lines of the cabinet are somehow connected with the lines in the the tabledesign.
in the end, especially the result of the cabinet was a very nicely designed semi-open display and storageroom.
a new storagedesign, born within an assignment. nice.
i made a short video for the client about the making of. 
click here to see it.