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snake furniture

interior project

a private client of me asked me to come over to his house to check out a special room.
he lives in an old milk factory and in the center of his house there still is the old coldstore.
he wanted to completely redesign the interior and use it for several purposes.

1- workspace with a desk for himself but also for the kids
2-storageroom for all kind of stuff
3-sit area for te kids (like a bench)
4-inclusive playarea for the kids
it had to fit the rest of the house, should be playful but still modern and clever....

hmmmmmm.....well....the answer came quick.
i designed a 'snake cabinet' where all the functions are determined by the height, depth and volume of the cabinet.
i used a friendly light material and bright colours to make the room friendly and inviting.
last but not least i designed a swiniging saloondoor which fits the formlanguage of the room.

a nice cooperation with the friendly houseowners and a great result.